Antimicrobial Hooded Bath Towel for Toddlers $59.99
Your toddler will look forward to bath time!
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No more fighting your toddler to take a bath. They will look forward to them now! Our super soft Antimicrobial hooded towel will be the best bath time finale for you and your child. They get wrapped up and dried off in a warm, soft, cozy hooded towel . . . you get less laundry! The patented silver yarn in Cuddle Smart's Antimicrobial Hooded Towel helps the fabric "wash itself," so it never smells from mold or mildew! Hang our Cuddle Smart Hooded Towel in the bathroom and it will always stay fresh and clean. Use it again and again without washing. That means continued effectiveness, convenience and extra time for mom . . . or dad! Our patented silver yarn blended with certified organic cotton fabric not only makes the towels absorbent but also helps them stay clean from odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi.

This Toddler size towel has a large hood and will become a favorite for you and your little one. It will definitely make your cuddle time after baths more enjoyable.

Jersey Plush fabric in natural Oatmeal-Silver color with satin border in White, Brown Polka Dot or Blue Polka Dot.

  • Toddler (recommended for 9 months through 3 years old): 30" x 52" (76.2 cm x 132.0 cm). Hood is placed in center along the length for convenience and better coverage after baby is wrapped
  • 30% Argent 47 antimicrobial silver yarn, 36% organic cotton and 30% polyester.
  • Color: White Satin, Blue Satin Polka, Brown Satin Polka
    Oatmeal-Silver with choice of border (White Satin, Blue Satin Polka, Brown Satin Polka)
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