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Antimicrobial Activity Mat $64.99
Tummy time just got easier. Hotel rooms, playgrounds and exercise classes can be hotbeds for bacteria. Cuddle Smart's Antimicrobial Activity Mat means more than 7 square feet of worry-free play space!
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For use indoors and outdoors, the Cuddle Safe Activity Mat is an ideal area for play, tummy time, or just hanging out. Quilted, "plushy" soft top layer intelligently engineered from a patented antimicrobial silver yarn, to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and prevent mildew, mold and fungi.

Designed with TWO waterproof layers (one underneath and one interior) to ensure hours of worry-free enjoyment for your newborn or toddler. This multi-use mat is great for naps or diaper changes in a pinch, just “fold and go” for easy transport.

Jersey Plush fabric in natural Oatmeal-Silver color, with Blue Gingham, Blush Pink or Surf Green border.

  • Made from pure Argent 47 antimicrobial silver yarn
  • Eliminates odor-causing bacteria
  • Prevents mildew, mold and fungi
  • Natural thermal properties to help balance body temperature
  • No chemicals or harmful dyes
  • PVC and phthalate free
  • Water resistant plastic-free soft backing
  • Machine washable
  • Backed by our Cuddle Smart Promise
  • Proudly made in the USA

  • Standard: 32" x 32" (81.3 cm x 81.3 cm) square mat (7+ square feet)
  • 30% Argent 47™ antimicrobial silver yarn, 70% polyester
  • 100% polyester quilted filling, for maximum comfort
  • Color: Oatmeal-Silver with choice of border
Product Reviews

What a timely product with all the germs you keep hearing about...they're everywhere. My friend caught MRSA while visiting her mother in the hospital. My baby and I sit on this mat everywhere we go. We even use it at the park on damp grass and the waterproof barrier keeps us dry. I feel so secure for my 6 month old knowing that your silver product is taking care of all the germs it picks up. I recommend these products to all moms concerned about germs and odors and want productsthat do this naturally.

Posted 03/22/2012 by Sally, Boulder

I'm a believer
My husband and I share a winter ski house with a few other families and on a recent visit two of the other children were sick with strep throat. But I religiously kept my 9 month old son on the mat all weekend and he didn't get sick! I now make sure I have it with me whenever I go up.

Posted 03/21/2012 by Kim

Additional product use
I love-love-love your products. Like an earlier reviewer, I also use your essentials mat when we travel with my baby and have to stay in hotels. Not only do I lay the baby on it to keep her off the skeevy surfaces, I also wrap her toys and stuff in it when we're not using it. I googled how silver kills bacteria and germs so I use your product to help keep away all the yucky stuff you hear about being found in hotels. I admit I am a germaphobe but your products give me such peace of mind.

Posted 02/19/2012 by Lyn, Texas

Phenomenal Product
I have been using the extra large mat for the past two months and it does not smell or stain like others I used before. Even my sister used it for her 1 yr old's birthday party and there were a million babies on it. I love to bring it to hotels when we travel as I know those places are are a haven for all kinds of germs and bugs. Rarely am I excited about baby products but this ONE I recommend for all mothers.

Posted 02/18/2012 by Happy in North Carolina

Bacteria Free!
I just got the Essentials Mat for my 7 month old. I planned on using it just for tummy time, which is why I went with an antimicrobial one, but now I use it everywhere and bring it with me to play dates and our Music Together classes too. Now, my baby can nap or play anywhere without me worrying about what kind of germs she is picking up. Another plus is that its waterproof, but still really soft and comfortable.

Posted 02/17/2012 by Kate

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